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Area Event Updates

Check out several events coming up in the next couple of months by clicking on the Area Events link above!


Currently at Club

         Michael Cambareri was a perfect 4-0 in winning a  Fisher Random tournament held at club July 17 & 24.  Brad Bodie finished second with a 3-1 score, losing to Michael in round 3.


       There were 14 people in attendance when club resumed July 10 with a g/10 four round double Swiss tourney.  Michael Cambareri and Jeremy Krasin each finished at 6-2 to take first, Nikolay Bulakh (who started a point down after taking first round byes) and Kevin Korsmo were next at 5-3; Kevin won the u/1800 prize.  Jeff Jaroski (4-4) took the u/1400 prize.  The cross table for the event can be found on our Recent Results page.  Next week, July 17, sees the start of a two week Fisher Random Chess tourney.

        Dave Griffin (6.5) topped the g/25 event played June 12 & 19.  Ted Baker finished second (5.5) in the round robin event.  The cross table can be found on our Recent Results page (link at left).




        Michael Cambareri won the 2013-2014 club grand prix competition by a comfortable margin over Nikolay Bulakh.  Jeremy Krasin finished third and John Frostad fourth.

        There were numerous prize winners of donated gift certificates.  Michael won a total of $50 in gift certificates usable at Aunties Bookstore, Uncle's Games, or Luigi's.  Andrew Wolf rode a big Collyer weekend to win four upset-related prizes totaling $20.  John Frostad picked up $15 for topping three categories, while $10 gift certificates will be awarded to Nikolay Bulakh, David Dussome, Steve Wallace, and Jim Waugh.  Dave Griffin, Arlene Hiatt, and Ron Weyland will each claim $5 gift certificates. 

        Complete standing details are found on our club Grand Prix page (link at left).



        Top seed Cameron Leslie swept the field to win this year's Inland Empire Open with a perfect 5.0 score.  Michael Cambareri, who lost to Leslie in round four, was a clear second at 4.0.  They were the only perfect scores in the field of 32 after the first day's action.  The class A prizes were shared (scores of 3.5) by Nikolay Bulakh,  Romie Carpenter, Jeremy Krasin, and James Stripes.  A score of 3.5 also served to give Steve Jones the class B first prize.  Mark Anderson won the second B prize with a score of 3.0.  The class C prizes were shared by Ted Baker, Dan Hochee, and Ron Weyland, each of whom also scored 3.0.  Arlene Hiatt (2.5) won the first class D/under prize.  The remaining prizes in that category were shared by Jeff Jaroski, Frank Miller, Shawn Woods, Cody Woods, & Carson Woods (all with 2.0 scores).  Cody (468 point differential) edged Carson (398 point differential) for the biggest upset prize with a final round upset.  

    Our club's oldest tourney, the IEO was first played in 1954.  A new feature this year saw a dozen players take part in a free outdoor blitz tournament on Friday, May 16, downtown at Wall & Main.  Michael Cambareri gave up only one draw while winning the time-shortened nine round event with a 8.5 score.  The cross tables for both events are posted on our Inland Empire Open page (link at left).




        Longtime club member Clint Fait died May 1 in Cheney.  Clint was a class C player who could only intermittently play rated events in the 90s and 00s due to health issues, but would attend club whenever he could.  While he had not been to club in the past couple of years, he called your editor frequently to keep track on what was happening or to ask a question about a preference in an opening line.  Clint was unfailingly polite.  His funeral was held May 6 at the Spokane Memorial Gardens. The web link to Clint's obituary: http://cheneyfuneral.com/fh/obituaries/obituary.cfm?o_id=2512573&fh_id=13639



1937 -- 2014

        Regional chess, and the Spokane Chess Club in particular, suffered a huge loss with the death of Bill McBroom in Missoula.  Bill, a retired professor of sociology at the University of Montana, was instrumental in building the chess relationship between Spokane and Missoula.  He was a regular at the Collyer Memorial since the second Collyer in 1994.  He helped organize and direct the popular Turkey Open in Missoula and many more events in that region.  More critically to all who knew and benefited from his commitment to chess, Bill was the epitome of the gentleman sportsman.  He handled disruptions, including the occasional flare-up between players or problems with a playing location, with his typical mild-mannered demeanor that reflected his keen intelligence and uncommon good sense.  Whether they knew it or not, everyone who played in this region the past 25-30 years benefited from Bill's leadership in the chess community.  Bill was one of the original supporters of the Gary Younker Foundation and worked hard to promote chess not only in Montana, but in Spokane and north Idaho as well. 

        Bill will be sorely missed.  Here is the link to his obituary in the Missoulan:  http://missoulian.com/news/local/obituaries/william-bill-mcbroom/article_94eebe90-98a5-11e3-883d-0019bb2963f4.html

        Funeral services were Thursday, February 20, in Missoula.  His untimely passing cast a shadow over this year's Collyer Memorial tourney, although he was fondly by all of his chess friends gathered for the event.   Please remember Bill and his family in your thoughts and prayers.



         Club alum Steve Fabian has put in a lot of historical research and come up with a lengthy (32 page) history of Spokane chess from 1899 to present!  This well-researched article, written in the indomitable Fabian style, is found on our History page (link at left).  Contact information for Steve is at the end of the article, so if you have more insights or any  corrections, please feel free to write Steve or your editor to share your thoughts and contribute to the telling of the club's story.  The club owes an immense thanks to Steve for all the effort he put into writing this article.