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     Please accept my apologies for the disruption of this site the past month, but we finally are back in business.  My old computer decided to die, and there was a delay while we obtained a new computer, attempted to down load the old site and programs to it, and, after those efforts failed, some professional help was needed to bring us back to life!  At last, we are back with about 98% of the functionality of the old site.  The hyperlinks are showing in white for some reason, but they are still present and functional.  I have highlighted some of the recent ones in case your eyes are about as good as mine are.  We lost a few of the designs, the type face changed, and the links are a bit different, but we are largely there.  If you find problems with any pages, kindly drop me a note and I will see what I can do.



    While the website was stagnant in November, the Turkey Quads were not.  This year's Quads drew 16 players across the four quads.  Brad Bodie (2.5) won Quad A, while James Stripes was a perfect 3.0 in winning Quad B.  Jason Cross won Quad C with a 2.5 score, and Logan Faulkner was a perfect 3.0 in winning Quad D.  The cross table link can be found on our Recent Results page (link at left). 



 Seventh grader Garrett Casey (13.0) edged James Stripes (12.5) to win this nine player double round robin event held at the Spokane Valley Library on November 12.  David Griffin (5.5) won the under 1600 prize and DJ Empert (5.0) claimed the under 1400 prize.  The cross table link can be found on our Recent Results page (link at left).


Previously at club

       Ten players took part in a g/15 quick tourney on October 27.  James Stripes, the fourth seed, prevailed with a score of 3.5 in the four round event.  Pat Herbers and Karl Reutter tied for second with 3.0 scores. Newcomer Derrick Jones scored 2.5 to claim the u/1600 prize.

        The cross table for the event can be found on our Recent Results page (link at left).




by Dr. James Stripes


Explosive Growth Evident

Youth chess in Spokane appears to be growing rapidly, judging by the turn-out at the Pilgrim's Progress scholastic tournament at Saint George's School, November 19. There were 83 students in grades K-8 representing 24 schools. The size of the event proved challenging to organizers who were set up for 64 players, and they rose to the challenge.

It was the largest event, aside from two state tournaments, since 2009. Youth tournaments typically drew 90 players in 2008-2009, but the largest youth tournament in the area in subsequent years had 77 participants. Most events in recent years have drawn in 40-50 players with an occasional event having as few as 30 or as many as 60.

The 22 player K-2 section had four kindergartners, the largest number of very young students in several years. Hattie Condon topped players in this grade with 2.5/5. Notably, all kindergarten players had earned points--the bottom two managed three and two draws, respectively. Hattie's success included wins against one of the other kindergarten students and a second grader. The other K-2 section winners were Tiernan Waggoner (4.5 points), first overall; Creighton Condon (4.0), second place; Adrian Rooney (4.0), third place; Zihan Wang (3.5), first in grade 2; Clayton Ebat (3.0), first in grade 1; and Matthew Hou, upset prize.

There were 27 players in grades 3-4. One elected to play up in the K-12 section, leaving 26 players in K-4. Arnav Wadikar (4.5) took home the trophy for first place in the section. Three players were a half point behind. Cole Knapton (4.0) held Arnav to a draw and won the second place trophy on tiebreaks over Paul Michael Leaver, third place, and Ben Barrett, first in grade 3. Tom Albrecht had the strongest tie-breaks among the seven players who finished with 3.5, earning first in grade 4. Per Sande (3.5) won the upset medal, while the others with 3.5 all took home medals: Colby Jessup, Olivia Hilton, Mike Mitchell, Colton Thomas, and Zane Bergsma.

Varun Ambalavanan scored a perfect 5.0 to win top honors in the K-12, or championship section. there were 35 students in this section. Five players finished with 4.0: Connor Gosselin-Harris, second overall; Liam Reeves, third overall; Mia Sponseller, top seventh grader; Aniketh Parlapalli, top fifth grader; and Alexander Nicolazzo, who earned a chess book. Also taking home prizes in that section were Noah Kuhn (3.5), book; Eli Mounts (3.5), book; Quincy Hofer, top grade 8; Dylan Boyle, top grade 6; and Ira Morelli, upset medal.

The Odyssey Program at Libby won their second team trophy in two events with 16.5 points earned by their top four. Cataldo and Saint George's shared honors for second place with 14.0 points.

  The NW Scholastic Ratings cross table link can be found on our Scholastic Events page (link at left).


2016-2017 Grand Prix Update

        We have now completed five months of this year's club grand prix season.  Defending champion Michael Cambareri maintains his lead, but Pat Herbers and Karl Reutter are in striking distance.

        Complete details, and the updated Scoring Rules, are available on our Grand Prix page (link at left).



        "It ain't over til it's over."  Those words of baseball wisdom also cover chess.  The club's fall championship remained in the balance pending the make-up game between Pat Herbers (4-0) and Michael Cambareri (3-1) that was played October 24.  Michael pulled out the win, leaving four players on top of the event with 4-1 scores.  Michael and Pat were joined at the top by Karl Reutter and Tito Tinajero, creating a large number of winners for a small (16 player) field. 

        In addition to sharing first place, Karl had the best score in the u/1800 section and Tito topped the the u/1600 category.  Alex Herron (3.0) won the u/1400 prize.  The tourney cross table can be found on our Club Championship page (link at left).



        Local chess veteran Brad Bodie and newcomer Joseph Roberts, attending college in Moscow, Idaho, tied for first place in this year's Eastern Washington Open.  The pair drew their third round encounter and then each went 1.5 the second day to finish on top with 4.0 scores.  That left them 1/2 point ahead of Michael Cambareri, John Julian, Steve Merwin, Karl Reuter, and Dan McCourt.  Bodie and Julian fought to a draw with seconds left on their respective clocks in the final round, while Roberts topped seventh grader Garrett Casey in a fascinating endgame where he first sacked an exchange and then a bishop to connect two passed pawns that rolled over Garrett's two rooks enroute to promotion. 

        The tournament finish was indicative of the battles that marked every round of the tournament.  There were 29 players taking part in this year's installment of the EWO.  With 1/3 of the field class A or stronger, the event shaped up to be very competitive, and it certainly lived up to that expectation -- there were no perfect scores after the first day's action. Roberts, an unrated player who only joined the USCF for the tourney, was the lowest ranked player, but the unrated label was misleading.  Joseph had played competitive high school chess in Mexico, competing in national competitions and earning a FIDE rating of 1961.  Although he had not played competitively for a bit, the rust was not much in evidence.  His performance should give him a provisional rating in the Expert category.

        The winners split the first prize of $125 and the Unrated prize that otherwise would have gone to Roberts.  That left Steve Merwin to win first in class A, with Romie Carpenter (3.0) second.  Karl Reutter and Dan McCourt won the class B prizes, while Sam Comi and Jason Cross, who literally just moved to Spokane, tied for the class C prizes with their 3.0 scores.  Second in the class D/Unrated section went to Frank Miller (2.0).  Even the biggest upset prize was competitive -- the four biggest upsets all featured victories in the 400 to 430 point spread, with Jason Cross's victory edging Ron Weyland's for the prize by only 13 points.

    This year's event was played at Gonzaga's Jepson Center October 1 & 2.  The cross table is posted on our Eastern Washington Open page (link at left).