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   The Spokane Falls Open will be played this weekend at the Jepson Center rooms 108 & 109.  See the flyer on our Area Events page (link at left) or call Dave Griffin for more details.


Room 127 for one more week

    The technology work in the class rooms of Jepson Center has taken away Room 108, our regular Thursday night location, until August 24.  For the for the first three weeks of August -- August 3-10-17 -- we will be using room 127, the room that we used for much of June.  Room 127 is opposite the northwest door of the building, so those who park in the Jundt Center parking lot will naturally walk to the correct entry door.



Will face Cambareri for City Championship


  Brad Bodie won the Contenders Tournament with a perfect 5.0 score in the six player round robin event.  Brad will play a four game match against defending champion Michael Cambareri during the Spokane Falls Open on August 19-20.

  James Stripes (3.0) edged Tito Tinajero for second place on tiebreak and won free entry in the Spokane Falls Open.  The cross table for the event can be found on our Recent Results page (link at left).  

 Now up at Club

  There was a nice turnout of 20 players at club on August 3.  The popular August Ajeeb Quads, a staple of the club calendar since the 1990s, commenced with 12 taking part.  The only upset of the first night saw second seed Garrett Casey defeat top seed Michael Cambareri in Quad A, while the favored players won the other five games.   After two weeks of action, Garrett has secured at least a tie for first place with a 2.0 score.  Jason Cross (2.0) leads in Quad B and also has secured at least a tie for first.  In Quad C, Pat Kirlin and Bill Rottmayer are both a perfect 2.0 heading into their third round match up.


Recently at Club

    The club's July 20 & 27 meetings saw ten players take part in a four round, two week dual-rated g/45 tournament.  Top seed Michael Cambareri won with a score of 3.5.  Dave Griffin finished second at 3.0.  The best u/1800 prize was won by Jason Cross and Ron Weyland, each of whom scored 2.5.  The u/1400 prize was shared by Bill Rottmayer and Steve Wallace, each of whom scored 2.0.  The USCF cross table link can be found on our Recent Results page (link at left).

  The club's July 13 meeting saw 9 players take part in a four round g/20 Swiss event.  Michael Cambareri, Cameron Leslie, and Tito Tinajero each scored 3-1 to tie for first.  The best under 1500 prizes were shared by Louis Blair, Steve Wallace, and newcomer Max McGougan, each of whom scored 2.0.   The cross table for the event is posted on our Recent Results page (link at left). 



     The revived Spring Championship is now complete after a final make-up game July 2. Louis Blair pulled off the big upset of the tourney in the final round, defeating Michael Cambareri.  That dropped Michael into a first place tie with Jason Cross, both of whom scored 4.0.  Walter van Heemstede Obelt won the u/1800 prize with 3.0.  Louis claimed the u/1600 prize with a score of 3.5, and Bill Rottmayer scored 2.5 in taking the u/1400 prize.  Congratulations to all winners.

      The cross table is posted on our Club Championship page (link at left).



Cambareri 2016-2017 Grand Prix Champion

        Michael Cambareri repeated as the club grand prix champion. Karl Reutter finished second, while James Stripes edged Pat Herbers for third place in the standings.  

       Complete details, and the updated Scoring Rules, are available on our Grand Prix page (link at left).


 Weekend Events Set

  Two weekend events remain on the immediate horizon.  Scheduled for Gonzaga (Jepson rooms 108/109) are the Spokane Falls Open on August 19-20 and the Eastern Washington Open (September 30 -- October 1).  Flyers for both events also can be found on our Area Events page.




      The club's annual meeting saw 13 voting members turn out for the selection of new officers.  Michael Cambareri was elected President and John Frostad is the new Vice President.  Kevin Korsmo and Ted Baker retained their current posts of Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.  In addition, the club's schedule was set through August.  A new feature will see the return of the Spring Championship to be held during the month of June.  Check out our Club Meetings page to see the upcoming schedule of events.  In addition to the regular night's scheduled activities, club members who desire to play a different rated game are welcome to arrange their own games (subject to USCF match rule limitations) that can be submitted along with the club's event.  See your tournament director for more details.






April 29-30

  Top seeds Michael Cambareri and Mark Havrilla won this year's Inland Empire Open with scores of 4.0.  Mark beat Michael in round four, but was held to a final round draw while Michael scored a comeback victory in a fascinating game where his opponent had four pieces for a queen! Michael had the only perfect score after the first day's action while Mark took a Saturday night bye to enter their showdown battle one half point behind.  

   A total of 29 players (and one house player) took part in this year's installment of Spokane's oldest weekend tournament.  While Michael had the perfect score after the first day and Mark was the only returning player at 2.5, there were nine other players who finished the first day with 2.0 scores.  That made for a bunch of closely contested games on the final day -- and the bunched up standings reflected the close nature of the competition.  Four players finished third with scores of 3.5: Brad Bodie, Jonathan Geyman, Dan McCourt, and Karl Reutter.  Jonathan, a rapidly rising provisionally-rated player, was also the top score in class C, while the other three also shared the class A prizes.  The class B prizes were shared by Jason Cross and Kevin Korsmo with scores of 3.0.  Second place in class C was shared by Walter van Heemstede Obelt and Ron Weyland, both of whom scored 2.5.  Walter's accomplishment was particularly impressive in that he was only able to play the first day due to work commitments.

   Steve Wallace (3.0) won the class D first prize.  Second in that section (at 2.5) was shared by Logan Faulkner and Rob Harder.  Rob also scored a 606 point upset victory in the first round to claim the top upset prize.  The tourney also featured six unrated players participating in their first USCF tourney.  The cross table is posted on our Inland Empire Open page (link at left).


Club News

   The club's May 25 meeting saw eight players take part in a g/20 quick quad tourney.  Fourth seed John Frostad won Quad A with a score of 2.5, while top seed Dave Griffin swept Quad B with a score of 3.0.  The cross table is posted on our Recent Results page (link at left).

  A total of 15 players turned out on May 11.  Eight of them joined the quick tourney, and the others took turns at free play.  The quick tournament was played as two quads.  Michael Cambareri in Quad A and Tito Tinajero in Quad B recorded perfect scores in winning their respective sections.  The cross table for the event is posted on our Recent Results page.

  A night of blitz chess on May 4 saw top seeds Michael Cambareri and Patrick Herbers tie for first with 5.0 scores; Jason Cross and John Frostad finished second at 4.0.  The cross table link can be found on our recent results page.  The next club meeting on May 11 will feature a g/20 one night quick competition.




    John Donaldson recaptured the title of champion of the Dave Collyer Memorial, winning the 25th edition of this event with a perfect 5.0 score.  Second seed Jim Maki (4.5) took second place after defeating Curt Collyer in the final game of the event.  Third place (4.0) was shared by Carl Haessler and John Julian. With four master/international masters and another four experts, this field was the strongest top end to ever compete in the Collyer.  The field of 59 (plus two house players) was the same as the previous year.

     The event began quietly enough, with but a single upset in the first round, although that (as is often the case) stood up as the biggest upset of the event. Nick Martonick scored a 454 point victory that stood for the entire event.  The second round saw a few more upsets, including two experts falling, and a pair of large upsets involving provisionally-rated players.  Loyd Willaford's 371 point victory won the prize for the biggest upset of the round.

     Curt Collyer took a third round bye to deal with a persistent cold, but the other three top seeds were pushed into the late evening before winning.  John Donaldson defeated Michael Cambareri in the night's last game.  Donaldson's clock showed sixteen second remaining, to Cambareri's four seconds, when the IM completed a mate with a knight, bishop, and pawn.  Expect to see that game written up in Northwest Chess. Missoula veteran Frank Miller won the upset prize for the round with a 371 point conquest.

    Round four saw the six remaining perfect scores match up: David Arganian against John Donaldson on board one, Jim Maki and Chris Kalina on board two, and Carl Haessler and John Julian on board 3. Donaldson won against the Seattle expert, while Maki drew Kalina, making his first Collyer appearance since 2009.  In the next to last game of the round, Julian pulled out the victory over Haessler. That result y also was the biggest upset of the round.

    Round five saw Donaldson have to work hard to defeat Julian, and the victory cemented a clear first with a perfect 5.0 score.  Maki and Collyer played the last game of the tourney before Maki fended off Collyer's attack and claimed the victory and a clear second place.  Haessler rebounded by defeating Kalina and shared third place with Julian.  The two split that prize and the class A first prize.  David Griffin achieved the top upset of the final round.

    There were numerous other winners.  Arganian and Kalina split the Expert prize with scores of 3.5. Five players shared second in class A with 3.5 scores: Scott Caldwell, Braxton and Garrett Casey, Mark Havrilla, and Karl Reutter.  The two class B prizes were shared by Dan McCourt, Jim Skovron, and James Stripes.  First place in class C went to youngster Jonathan Geyman (3.0) of Idaho, while Griffin and Martonick (2.5) shared the second place prize.  Class D was won by Shancie Wagner (2.5), while William Merry (2.0) took second in the class.  Youngster Varun scored 2.0 in his very first USCF tournament to win the class E/unrated prize, while second in that category was shared by Greg Callen and Cecelia Valeriotte (1.5).  Another youngster, Arnav Wadikar, won the prize for best performance by a provisional player.  His performance rating for the event was over 1,000 points higher than his rating!

    The USCF cross table link: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201702262862

    The weekend kicked off with the traditional lecture and simul from John Donaldson at River Park Square on Friday, February 24.  The topic of this year's lecture was the gold medal won by the U.S. team at the Chess Olympiad.  John captained the team to its first gold in 40 years!  Fifteen players took on the IM after the lecture, with the challengers scoring two victories (by Michael Cambareri and Jason Cross), and one draw (Alex Herron).  For the rest of us, it was an opportunity to begin preparing for next year!

    John Julian won the eight player blitz tournament at RPS preceding the lecture. The cross table link for that event is found here: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201702241202