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        Long time Spokane Chess Club member Jerry Morton is temporarily working overseas as an engineer for Bechtel.  He first worked in Kazakhstan and then was on to Moscow.  He followed that up by moving on to Taiwan.  Where next??

        Jerry's avocations include both chess and photography and he has managed to combine the two by attending major chess events in Moscow with press credentials.  He has attended the Tal Memorial, the London-Moscow ice sculpture tourney, and several others.  In addition to this club's web site, Jerry's photos have been shared with Northwest Chess, the Mechanics Institute, and have also been carried on-line at the USCF website. 

         Jerry also has the distinction of traveling the furthest to attend Spokane chess tourneys -- he traveled to the 2006 Collyer Memorial from Kazakhstan and the 2007 Collyer from Moscow.  Those records are likely to stand forever!

        Jerry has left your editor with a large number of pictures and I will attempt from time to time to change this display.




2007 Tal Memorial:


The honoree (above); Kramnik and Magnus Carlson (below)            

 America's strongest player, Gata Kamsky, in action:


Chess on Ice:



From the 2006 Tal Memorial:



The club logo:



    Jerry reports that the Moscow CC is geared primarily towards Blitz play.  They have tournaments five days a week -- all five minute games!



Blitz action at the Moscow Chess Club.