Winter Championship: Cambareri Clear First

      Michael Cambareri won the Winter Championship, finishing with a perfect 5.0 score after defeating Walter van Heemstede Obelt in the final round.  Cam Leslie and Tito Tinajero finished second with scores of 3.5 and claimed the second place and class B prizes.  Austin Yeo (3.0) won the class C section, and David Peoples and Bill Rottmayer each scored 2.0 to share the class D section prize.  The cross table link is posted on our Club Championship page (link at left).

Previously in the event:

    Michael Cambareri defeated Tito Tinajero on board one in round four to move his score to a perfect 4.0 and guarantee no worse than a tie for first place.

   Michael Cambareri won the round three battle of experts, topping Cam Leslie to move into first place with the only perfect 3.0 score of the winter championship.  Tito Tinajero, 2.5 after taking a second round bye due to illness, is alone in second place and will meet Michael on board 1 in week four.

     The always popular Winter Championship began its five round/six week journey on January 18, but quite a few club members were victimized by illness, leading to three of the eight games being postponed.  The other five games saw the higher seeded player win.  Byes dropped two more of the undefeated out of the second round competition on January 25, leaving top seeds Cam Leslie and Michael Cambareri as the only two perfect scores. 

    The event is being played at g/90 with a total of 15 entrants and two house players.