Club Championships

2018 Fall Championship (Sept. 20 — Oct. 25)

  Michael Cambareri reclaimed his Fall Championship crown with a perfect 5.0 score.  Second place at 4.0 was high school sophomore Sam Sauder, whose effort won him the 1400 section prize.  Scores of 3.5 resulted in Jason Cross and John Frostad winning the 1700 section.

   The  1600 section prize was shared by Kevin Korsmo, Walter van Heemstede Obelt, and John Wheaton with scores of 3.0.  That same score secured David Peoples the 1500 section prize.  Pat Kirlin and Alex Rosenkrantz (2.0) won the 1300/under section prize.

    There were 20 participants in this year’s event.

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2018 Winter Championship (Jan. 18 — Feb. 22)

    Michael Cambareri won the Winter Championship, finishing with a perfect 5.0 score after defeating Walter van Heemstede Obelt in the final round.  Cam Leslie and Tito Tinajero finished second with scores of 3.5 and claimed the second place and class B prizes.  Austin Yeo (3.0) won the class C section, and David Peoples and Bill Rottmayer each scored 2.0 to share the class D section prize. Fifteen players took part in the event, joined by two house players.

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2017 Fall Championship (Sept. 21 — Oct. 26)

   Cam Leslie is the club’s 2017 Fall Champion, winning the five round event with a score of 4.5.  He downed Michael Cambareri in round five after holding off one of Michael’s patented attacks that had Cam defending against multiple mate threats.  The make up game in week six between Louis Blair and Tito Tinajero resolved the second place and class prizes.  Louis was able to force a draw by repetition, creating a three way tie for second place and the under 1700 class prize between Louis, Kevin Korsmo, and Tito, all of whom finished at 3.5.  Bill Rottmayer, 3.0, won the under 1500 section.

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2017 Spring Championship (June 1-29)

  The revived Spring Championship saw Louis Blair pull off the big upset of the tourney in the final round by defeating Michael Cambareri.  That dropped Michael into a first place tie with Jason Cross, both of whom scored 4.0.  Walter van Heemstede Obelt won the u/1800 prize with 3.0.  Louis claimed the u/1600 prize with a score of 3.5, and Bill Rottmayer scored 2.5 in taking the u/1400 prize.

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2017 Winter Championship (Jan. 19-Feb. 23)

      James Stripes won his first club championship, coming back from a lost position when Karl Reutter’s time trouble led to imprecise play that allowed James to mount a winning counter attack.  The new champion claimed to have been lost in four of his five games, but survived all of them to achieve a score of 4.5.  Improving on the old Ben Franklin adage, James sagely stated: “mental discipline and hard work improves luck.” 

    For awhile, it looked like there was possibly going to be a massive tie for first, as Karl appeared to have James on the ropes and close games among the other contenders suggested multiple draws were in the offing.  However, on a night when white won only two of the games, James’s escape on board one led to a single champion.  When the other games concluded, Michael Cambareri and John Frostad tied for second place with scores of 4.0.  Michael claimed the second place prize and John the 1600 category prize.  The 1500 prize went to Jason Cross (3.0), while Alex Herron (3.5) won the 1400 category.  Logan Faulkner (2.5) claimed the under 1400 category prize.  The biggest upset prize went to Cecelia Valeriotte, whose upset final round draw just edged Ron Weyland for the prize.

    The club’s Winter Championship began its five round run on January 19 with 19 players taking part. The field expanded to 20 players for round two.

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2016 Fall Championship (Sept. 15-Oct. 24)

    Four players shared the club’s Fall Championship title.  The baseball adage, “It ain’t over til it’s over,” also applies to chess.  The club’s fall championship remained in the balance pending the make-up game between Pat Herbers (4-0) and Michael Cambareri (3-1) that was played October 24.  Michael pulled out the win, leaving four players on top of the event with 4-1 scores.  Michael and Pat were joined at the top by Karl Reutter and Tito Tinajero, creating a large number of winners for a small (16 player) field.

    In addition to sharing first place, Karl had the best score in the u/1800 section and Tito topped the the u/1600 category.  Alex Herron (3.0) won the u/1400 prize.

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2016 Winter Championship (Jan. 21 — Feb. 18)

    Michael Cambareri claimed the title of Winter Champion, but he was unable to make it a perfect 5-0 score after giving up a draw to your editor in last round action on February 18.  That draw was one of four fighting draws seen in the final round.  Brad Bodie (4.0) finished a half point back of Michael and claimed the over 1600 prize.   The 1500 class prize was shared by Sam Comi, Tito Tinajero, and Walter van Hemested Obelt, each of whom scored 3.0.  Pat Kirlin (3.0) won the 1400 section prize.  Four players shared the D prize: Isaiah Dasen, Arelene Hiatt, Bill Rottmayer, and Ron Weyland each scored 2.0.  The under 1200 prize was shared by Rob Harder and Colin Phelps, both of whom also scored 2.0.  Rob also won the biggest upset prize, pulling off a victory over a foe rated 292 points higher.

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2015 Fall Championship (Sept. 17 – Oct. 22)

    Travis Miller topped Michael Cambareri in their final round board one encounter to claim the title of Fall Champion with a score of 4.5.  Second place went to Jeremy Krasin (4.0).  The u/1800 section was shared by John Frostad and Kevin Korsmo (3.0), who drew their fifth round game.  Four players shared the u/1600 prize with scores of 2.5: Ted Baker, Dave Griffin, Ron Weyland, and Austin Yeo.  Arlene Hiatt captured the biggest upset prize with her first round victory (541 points).  Arlene also shared the u/1400 prizes with Steve Wallace.

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2015 Winter Championship (January 22 — February 22)

    Club newcomer Darren Russell is the club’s Winter Champion, completing a 5-0 sweep of the field with a hard earned victory over Jeremy Krasin in the fifth round.  Darren ably defended against Jeremy’s bishop sacrifice in an effort to build a mating net, then slowly traded down material to win the endgame.  David Dussome (4.0) finished first in the over 1800 section, while Travis Miller (3.5) won the 1500-1700 section prize.  Austin Yeo (3.5) won the 1300-1500 section, while (2.0) secured first place in the under 1300 section for Isaiah Dasen, Alex Herron, Cecelia Verliriote, and Jim Waugh.  Dave Griffin claimed the biggest upset prize. 

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2014 Fall Championship (Sept. 19 – Oct. 16)

    Michael Cambareri has won the club’s Fall Championship, defeating Jeremy Krasin in the final round to finish with a 4.5 score.  Jeremy (4.0) finished tied for second with Brad Bodie and Dave Griffin.  Brad and Jeremy shared the u/2000 prize while Dave took the u/1800 prize.  Other prize winners included Sam Comi (3.0), who won the u/1500 prize, while the u/1200 prize was shared by Bill Rottmayer and Cecelia Valeriote (2.0).

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2014 Winter Championship (January 16- Feb. 20)

        Michael Cambareri scored a perfect 5.0 score to win the club’s winter championship crown by a wide margin.  Four players tied for second with scores of 3.5: Nikolay Bulakh, Brad Bodie, David Dussome, and Kevin Korsmo. Nikolay, Brad, and Kevin shared the over 1700 prize, while David claimed the 1300-1700 prize.  The under 1300 prize was won by Steve Wallace, while Travis Jones and Alex Popescu shared second place in that category.

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2013 Fall Championship (September 19 — October 24)

    Jeremy Krasin outlasted Michael Cambareri in a fifth round time scrabble to become the club’s Fall Champion for 2013.  Jeremy scored 4.0 to finish one half point ahead of Michael and six others who tied for second: Brad Bodie, Kevin Korsmo, Ted Baker, John Frostad, David Dussome, and Chet Paulson.  Brad, Michael, and Kevin shared the second prize, while the others won their section prizes: Ted (u/1700); John (u/1400); David (u/1250); Chet (u/1000).  A total of 22 players took part in this event, which was directed once again by Dave Griffin.

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2013 Winter Championship (January 17-February 21)

       Michael Cambareri (4.5) is the club champion after a fighting draw with Jeremy Krasin (4.0) secured the title on February 14.  Nikolay Bulakh also finished with 4.0 to share second place honors with Jeremy.  Kevin Korsmo (3.5) won the u/1800 prize.  Three shared the u/1600 prizes with 3.0 scores: Ted Baker, Louis Blair, and Ben Blue.  Jim Waugh (2.5) won the u/1400 section, while Arlene Hiatt won the u/1000 prize and the biggest upset.            

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2012 Fall Championship (September 20 — October 25)

        It took five rounds, but Jeremy Krasin and Tim Moroney finally caught Nikolay Bulakh to become tri-champions of the club’s Fall Championship, Nikolay had a perfect 4.0 score, but lost to Jeremy in the final round to create the three way tie.  Walter Van Heemstede Obelt won the under 1600 prize, while Jim Burney won the under 1400 prize and Arlene Hiatt won the under 1000 prize.

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2012 Winter Championship (January 26 — March 1)

    After a week’s delay due to snow, and an extra week to make up games, Jeremy Krasin won the club’s winter  championship.  He finished with a 4.0 score after drawing with Michael Cambareri in their final round board one encounter.  Michael, John Julian, and Kevin Korsmo tied for second with 3.5.  Michael and John split second place, while Kevin  won the class B category prize.  Jim Burney (2.5) won the under 1500 category, while Ted Baker, Alton Blue, and Ron Weyland tied for second in that category with 2.0.

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2011 Fall Championship  (September 23-October 29)

    It took a few evenings of make-up games, but the club’s fall championship is finally over.  Top seeds John Julian and Michael Cambareri, who drew in their fourth round encounter, each scored 4.5 to top the field.  Loyd Willaford and Pat Kirlin each finished 3.0 to win the section prizes for the over and under 1400 categories. Nathan Sacpopo and Tristen Udby finished second in the under 1400 category with 2.0 scores.  A total of 18 participated in this year’s event, which began September 23 and was completed October 29.

    This event largely played out according to ratings with few upsets — an unusual occurrence for a club championship tourney.  The field was augmented by five provisionally-rated youngsters making their first club appearances, which accounts in part for the lack of major upsets.  All showed good sportsmanship and a nice grasp of the game — and a strong future in chess!

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2011 Winter Championship(January 20 — February 17)

   The club’s Winter Championship concluded February 17with the top three boards playing to the final minutes, and the end result was a three-way tie for first!  Expert Tim Moroney clashed with Nikolay Bulakh on board one in a match that was the last game to conclude.  They reached a thrilling draw with Nikolay having a queen against rook and two pawns, but only 15 second left to hold his position!  They played several dozen moves with no progress being made, nor any time running off the clock, before agreeing to the draw.  On board two, Pat Herbers topped Michael Cambareri, who had a mere six second left when he resigned.  On board three, Kairav Joshi held Kevin Korsmo to a draw despite being down at least one pawn nearly the entire game.  Kevin was unable convert the point and join the threesome at 4.0.  It was a first club championship for both Bulakh and newcomer Moroney, while old hand Herbers has some prior championships under his belt.  The three split $180 in prizes covering first, second, and top over 1700.

        Ron Weyland (3.5) was the tops in the 1400-1700 category, while Pat Kirlin (2.5) won the under 1400 prize.  Kairav took home the top upset award.  The USCF cross-table link:

2010 Fall Championship  (September 23 — October 21)

        There were quite a few things decided in the final round of the Fall Championship, but the identity of the winner was not one of them.  That determination was made after Cyrus Desmarais and John Julian played their postponed round 4 matchup on October 28.  John won the game and claimed sole possession of first place, with Cyrus finishing alone in second.  Nine players tied for third with 3 points!

     The other prize winners included Pat Kirlin, who won the under 1600 prize, and four players who shared the under 1800 prize: Niles Desmarais, Dave Griffin, Kairav Joshi, and Loyd Willaford.  All five scored 3.0. 

        The  17-player field competing in this year’s Fall Championship included an expert, four Class A players, and several Class B players, making this event is one of the strongest fall championships the club has ever seen. Loyd Willaford directed.

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2010 Winter Championship (Jan. 21– Feb. 25)

    John Julian is again the club champion.  John won his final game in convincing fashion to finish with 4.5 points and claim the title again.  James Stripes, who nicked John for a fourth round draw, finished clear second at 4.0 and won the over 1700 section prize.  Third place at 3.5 was shared by Steve Brendemihl, Dave Griffin, and Doug Trainor.  Steve and Dave split the 1500-1700 section prize, while Doug (whose provisional rating jumped 125 points) won the 1300 section prize.  Ron Weyland (3.0) won the 1400 section prize.  The under 1200 section prize was won by Jimmy DeRocher with a score of 2.0.

The USCF cross-table:

2009 Fall Championship (Sept. 24 — Oct. 30)

    John Julian once again claimed the title of Fall Champion, winning the tourney with a 4.5 score.  Nikolay Bulakh was clear second second with a 4.0 score.  Ryan Ackerman and Kevin Korsmo (3.5) finished third.  The 1400-1700 section was won by Alton Blue, Chris Copeland, and Dave Griffin (3.0).  Arend Smith (3.0) won the under 1400 prize, while Ron Weyland (2.5) was second.

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2009 Winter Championship(Jan. 22 — Feb. 26)

        Ron Weyland defeated Ryan Ackerman in their fifth round encounter to tie Ryan for the title of club champion.  Both finished at 4-1.  Kevin Korsmo was third with 3.5.  Ron and Ryan split the $55 cash prize for first place and the best over 1500.  The best under 1500 prize went to Ted Baker with a 3-2 score.

    Ted Baker’s first round conquest of  Kevin Korsmo stood as the biggest upset of the tourney.

    In addition to the cash prizes, each of the section winners and the biggest upset winner received one year WCF memberships as part of the prize packages.

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2008 Fall Championship (Sept. 19-Oct. 23)

    Top seed John Julian was a perfect 5-0 in easily winning the club’s 2008 Fall Championship.  Second seed Pat Herbers finished second a 3.5.  There were six players tied for the best U/1800 and the best U/1500 went to Alton and Ben Blue.  Jim Waugh claimed the biggest upset.    The USCF cross table link:

2008 Winter Championship (Jan. 24-Feb. 28)

    Dave Meliti won the Winter Championship — and then left town!  Dave’s six months in town, in which he participated in every event that he could, came to an end when he had to return to the Phoenix area to help care for his ailing father.  Chris Copeland finished second with a 4.0 score and claimed the U/1600 prize.  Kevin Korsmo and James Stripes (3.5) shared the best under 1800 prize, while Taylor Roberts and Ron Weyland (3.0) were best under 1400.  Alton Blue scored the biggest upset with his first round victory.    The USCF cross table link:

2007 Fall Championship

        John Julian continues to reign as club champion, scoring a perfect 5-0 in the 2007 Fall Championship after defeating James Stripes in a final round match to finish a perfect 5-0.  Second place went to Michael Cambareri and Alex Chow, each of whom finished 4-1.  Alex defeated Taylor Coles in a battle of 3-1 scorers to join Michael in second place.  They shared the best over 1600 prize.

        The Julian-Stripes match was a thriller played until each contestant was down under three minutes on the clocks.  Julian had an early exchange advantage that disappeared in a furious attack in a very complex position as the clocks wound down. As John had earlier, James missed some opportunities in the late-going with limited time to think and act.  The game had the complete attention of all the remaining spectators.

        The remaining games settled the other class prizes.  Chris Copeland upended David Griffin and finished with 3.0 to tie Ryan Ackerman for the best over 1400 prize. The best over 1200 prize went to Taylor Coles and Taylor Roberts, both of whom also finished at 3.0.  Jim Burney won the $50 under 1200 prize with a 2.5 score despite only playing 3 games!  The biggest upset prize went to Ted Baker who won $25 for pulling off an upset victory over a player 437 points above him back in the first round.

        The night of the 18th saw a lot of exciting chess.  Michael Cambareri sacrificed a Queen against Ryan Ackerman and the two fought through a thrilling middlegame before Michael secured the win in the late-going.   Another thrilling finish came in the game between Ben Blue and Jim Waugh.  The old veteran was up material and time with a mate in three in the offing.  Young Ben, down to less than a minute on the mechanical clock, managed to sac more material to set up a draw by repetition to save the half point.

        The Club Championship began its five week run September 20.  Always an event that features lots of upsets, it was bucking tradition with only one upset in each of the first two rounds.  Then the lower-rated players struck with a vengeance in round three.  Of the nine games completed on October 4 the lower rated player won or drew in seven of them.  There were three draws and four upset victories to scramble the standings at the midpoint of the event.  The fourth round saw two more upsets, but for the most part the higher rated players held their own.

    The USCF cross table:

2007 Winter Championship

    John Julian is once again the club’s champion, winning the Winter Championship by defeating Alex Chow in their final round board one match.  John finished the tourney with a 4.5 score.   He won $70 and a year’s membership in the Washington Chess Federation (WCF).   Second place went to Zach Countryman and James Stripes, both of whom scored 4.0.  They shared the best over 1500 section prize of $45.  James won a year’s membership in the WCF by virtue of his head-to-head victory over Alex.

   The best under 1500 was decided when  Ryan Ackerman defeated Ron Weyland to finish 3.0 and win the section by a full point.  He won $45 and a year’s membership in the Washington Chess Federation.  Second place was a five-way tie with a 2.0 score winning $4. 

    Unlike usual, the event started with a quiet first round.  Round 2 saw the first upsets of the 20 player tourney.  Pat Kirlin defeated Ted Baker and Kevin Korsmo managed a draw with John Julian.  Round 3 saw some more upsets, including old warhorse Jim Waugh upending Dave Griffin.  Waugh, 77, seems to pull off at least one upset every tournament he enters — and he plays every event the club sponsors!  Round 4 saw the biggest upset when young David Blue bagged a player 619 points above him!  David’s victory won him the prize for the biggest upset — a year’s membership in the Washington Chess Federation

The cross table for the event:

2006 Fall Championship

    Phil Weyland is the new club champion, capturing the annual fall tournament with a 4.5 score.  Second place went to Alex Chow with a score of 4.0.  Third place was shared by Ben Blue, John Downes, Clint Fait, and James Stripes with 3.5 scores.   They also accounted for the best u/1800, u/1600, and u/1400 prizes.  Annette Weyland won the best u/1200 section and also had the two biggest upsets!

    The cross table from this event:

2006 Winter Championship

       John Julian added to his streak of recent club championships by besting the field in this year’s winter championship tourney with a 4.5 score.  He gave up only a last round draw with second seed Pat Herbers, who finished second at 4.0.  Tying for third with 3.5 scores were Alex Chow and Dave Griffin, who shared the under 1700 prize, and John Downes.  Vern Johnson won the under 1400 section and also scored the biggest upset victory of the tourney.  In addition to cash prizes, all of the winners received subscriptions to Northwest Chess Magazine.

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2005 Fall Championship

      John Julian claimed the club’s Fall Championship with a 4.5 score in the five round tourney.  The event secured John a place in next year’s City Championship contenders match and will move his rating into the Expert category.  He also won the $75 first place prize and a one year club membership.

       Michael Cambareri and Kirk Steinocher scored 4.0 to finish second and share the $50 Over 1700 prize.

       Grade school teammates Alex Chow and Zach Countryman each scored 3.0 to tie for first place in the 1400-1700 category.  They shared the $50 category prize.

       Veteran Vern Johnson also scored 3.0 on his way to claiming the $50 first prize in the Under 1400 category. He beat both of the second place finishers in that class, Ted Baker and Jim Waugh, who each scored 2.0.  Ted and Jim split the $24 second prize.  Ted also won $24 for the biggest upset with his first round victory over Countryman.

      There were18 contestants in this year’s event, which was held between September 15 and October 22, 2005.

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2005 Winter Championship

    John Julian is the new club champion, winning the Winter Championship with a 4.5 score.  A total of 17 players competed in this year’s tourney.  John received a year’s membership to the Washington Chess Federation (WCF) and $30 for his victory.  He also will be seeded into the City Championship tourney in August.

    Kirk Steinocher scored 4.0 to claim the over 1700 category prize — a WCF membership and $20.  The 1300-1700 category was won by Adam Attwood and Ron Weyland with 3.0 scores.  The under 1300 category was won by Ted Baker and Zach Countryman with 2.5 scores.  All four of the category winners won WCF memberships.  Vern Johnson also won a membership by claiming the biggest upset. 

     The USCF cross table:

2004 Fall Championship:

Copeland & Herbers are new Club Champions.

Top-seed Pat Herbers and tenth-seed Chris Copeland are the current club champions.  The two tied for the Fall Championship with 4-1 scores.  They each received $62.50 for their efforts. Herbers was touched for draws by the second and third seeds, John Julian and Kirk Steinocher, while Copeland’s only blemish was a loss to Steinocher in the second round.  Julian, Steinocher, and Ron Weyland finished in a third place tie with 3.5 scores.

     Chris reports that this is the first event in which he has ever produced a positive score!  The veteran has seen his rating rise steadily in the past year.  Herbers, a youth star in Spokane during the 1960s, has been one of the top players at the club since his return to the Spokane chess scene four years ago.  Herbers was a co-champion in the club’s 2000 Fall Championship.

     Julian and Steinocher tied for the best score in the over 1700 category.  Steve Brendemihl and Dave Griffin tied fothe best in the 1400-1700 category with 3.0 scores.  Ron Weyland won the under 1400 category.  Patrick Kirlin finished second with a 3.0 score.  Zach Countryman (1166) posted the largest upset of the tournament with his first round conquest of Phil Weyland (1712).  He won $25 for that achievement.

Twenty players competed in the five round event (and two others helped out as club players in the first and last rounds), which was conducted in the six weeks between September 16 and October 21, 2004.  This event was one of the few recent tourneys where the old guard veterans turned back talented youth.  The younger crowd frequently dominates the prizes in other club events, but failed to garner most of the prizes in this one.   

    The USCF cross table: