Club Grand Prix

The club’s Grand Prix standings are calculated by Dave Griffin, who uses his own formula that focuses on active and improving players, measuring performance in quick, blitz, and regular-rated events for an overall performance.  The top players in the Grand Prix standings are invited to play in a contenders match event that selects the challenger for the City Championship trophy.

Current standings

Current Standings

Name: Last, FirstRegTPts:QuickTPts:BlitzPts:Total:
Tinajero, Ernesto95.4514.450109.9
Cambareri, Michael25.550.5076
Peoples, David43.6516.35060
Stripes, James38.850038.85
Bodie, Brad37.60037.6
Baker, Ted16.2518.75035
Cross, Jason15.518.75034.25
van Heemstede Obelt, Walter26.751.525028.275
Burnett, Jeremy11.515.25026.75
McGougan, Max179026
Blair, Louis19.255.05024.3
Casey, Braxton23.750023.75
Kirlin, Pat22.950022.95
Frostad, John21.40021.4
Griffin, David3.7515.85019.6
Wheaton, John5.4513.1018.55
Rottmayer, Bill15.61016.6
Sauder, Sam15.50.5016
Rainey, Sam15.550015.55
Rowles, Dave14.750014.75
Korsmo, Kevin9.255.25014.5
Burney, Jim39.5012.5
Parlapalli, Aniketh110011
Rosenkrantz, Alex9009
Britton, Tyler8008
Ryder, Chris8008
Wallace, Steve5.5005.5
Bruceri, Chris4105
Bodie, Arleme4.5004.5
Clark, Justin 4004
Clark, Yvonne4004
Ruddell, Charles4004
Valeriote, Cecelia4004
Comi, Sam21.503.5
Deng, Grace3.5003.5
Moore, Craig21.37503.375
Casey, Garrett3003
Romero, Marc3003
Wasson*, Mathew3003
Deng, Lilly2.5002.5
McDonnell, Ryan2002
Merry, William2002
Reddy, Eshan2002
Boyle, Dylan0000
Leslie, Cameron0000

  Spokane Chess Club Grand Prix


  (June 1, 2017- May 31, 2018)

  For the fourth year in a row, Michael Cambareri (265.825) topped the Grand Prix field.  Jason Cross (147.65) finished second, overcoming Tito Tinajero (125.2) down the stretch.


 (June 1, 2016 – May 31, 2017)

   The winner was Michael Cambareri (262.725), who had a commanding margin over second place finisher Karl Reutter (107.25).

2015-2016 Standings

  (June 1, 2015 — May 31, 2016)

    Michael Cambareri was the grand prix champion with a score of 243.625.  Brad Bodie finished second at 137.235 

2014-2015 Standings

 (June 1, 2014 — May 31, 2015)

      Darren Russell (255.1875) topped the field in this year’s grand prix standings.  Michael Cambareri (181.8) was second, followed closely by David Dussome (165.487) and Jeremy Krasin (163.4).

2013-2014 Final Standings

 (June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014)

        Michael Cambareri (274.125) was tops in the 2013-2014 Grand Prix, downing Nikolay Bulakh (230.75) defending champion Jeremy Krasin (215.375).

Final Standings 2012-2013

  (June 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013)

    Jeremy Krasin (197.75) claimed his first club Grand Prix title by a solid 14 point margin over Nikolay Bulakh (183.2) and Michael Cambareri (182.95). 

Spokane Chess Club Grand Prix 2011-2012

    John Julian (228.25) regained the Grand Prix title after a year’s absence, making it the sixth time in the past seven years!  Michael Cambareri (149) was second, and Jeremy Krasin (140.5) was third.

Spokane Chess Club Grand Prix 2011

    A new Grand Prix champion emerged in the 2010-2011 season: Nikolay Bulakh (160.85), who edged Kairav Joshi (159.8) by a single point!

Spokane Chess Club Grand Prix 2010

        The 2009-2010 season ended the same way as the previous year, with John Julian edging out Ryan Ackerman.

Spokane Chess Club Grand Prix 2009

    The 2008-2009 Grand Prix season ended the same way all the others have — with defending champion John Julian on top of the standings.  Julian (248.4) got off to a quick early lead in the fall and coasted to another easy victory. Ryan Ackerman (164.05) was second.

Spokane Chess Club Grand Prix 2008

    John Julian (156.8) kept his Grand Prix streak intact, despite having to take time to attend to his first year of law school!  The 2007-2008 season marks the third straight year John has won the competition. Taylor Coles (108.05) finished second.

Spokane Chess Club Grand Prix 2007

    John Julian (164.15) wins again, holding off young challengers Zach Countryman (154.275) and Ryan Ackerman (147.825).

Spokane Chess Club Grand Prix 2006

 The 2005-2006 Grand Prix winner is John Julian (213.25).  Dave Griffin (128.5 finished second).